Memory Matching Games

A selection of memory matching games for kids, families and those with dementia.


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Lasercut Matching Games

Our handcrafted, lasercut memory matching games come in a wide variety of images and styles.

  • Square Tiles: various sizes and number of pieces for different ages and challenge levels
  • Heart-Shaped Tiles: fun for all ages
  • Early learning A-Z matching games
  • Card Games
  • Country Flag Matching
  • Puzzled Pieces: the most challenging
  • Animalloys for Kids
  • Hexanity Brainteasers
  • Flip and Match Tiles

Crittters lowercase letter matching



Cute Animals

Match-A-Cat or Dog Games

Heart Animals

Puzzled Hearts



Country Flags

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Under the Sea

For Dementia

Tools for the trade for dementia patients

Household items for dementia patients



Farm Animals



Match-a-Cat 1 2 3

Muskoka Postcards

Hexanity Brainteasers


Challenge your brain. Increased memory capacity improves self-awareness, communication skills, social skills and self-confidence. Improvements in concentration also aid future learning. Further benefits include:

  • improve concentration
  • train visual memory
  • good for brain development
  • increase short term memory
  • enhance cognition
  • improve organizational skills
  • increase attention to detail
  • improve the ability to find similarities and differences in objects
  • help to classify objects that are grouped by similar traits.

Here is an article on ...
Why matching work is good for a child's brain development.